1.9 “I Can’t in Good Conscience Recommend it to Anyone” – Thoroughly Modern Millie

Julie Andrews stars in Thoroughly Modern Millie, a 1967 musical that features catchy songs, fun dance numbers, delightful performances, and egregious racism. The movie is about Millie, a ‘modern’ woman of 1922, trying to make her way in the Big City. While Millie’s attempts to find love is the main focus of the movie, the plot also heavily features Millie’s landlady and her two Chinese accomplices drugging and kidnapping white women into slavery (played entirely for laughs, of course). It’s as bad as it sounds.

Elizabeth watched this movie over and over in her childhood, and discusses what makes it great (the singing and dancing) as well as what makes it impossible to recommend (the aforementioned racism) plus more! We talk about how to process something unforgivably problematic, and how it feels to have something you loved as a child that you can never share with actual children.

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