1.7 “It’s High Adventure With” – The Pirates of Dark Water

The Pirates of Dark Water is a 1990 cartoon Elizabeth has no direct memory of watching. What she does remember vividly, though, is playing make-believe around the idea of “The Pirates of Dark Water” in elementary school.

After the rewatch, Elizabeth delights in recounting the first five episodes of The Pirates of Dark Water in all of their glorious absurdity. The show is a fun, plot-dense, Mad Max-influenced, excessively swashbuckling, cliche-ridden romp with surprisingly good animation (by the standards of 1990 TV cartoons).

Bonus: we get schmoopy over fond memories of the early internet when we discover http://piratesofdarkwater.net/faq.html, a (mostly-functioning!) fan site that’s also a perfect example of 00’s internet preserved in amber.

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