1.10 “Family (obviously)” – The Fast and the Furious

This weeks’ guest Classy Cassie saw The Fast and the Furious in theaters with her parents when she was about eight. What’s more remarkable is that Cassie and her parents went on to see every Fast and Furious movie together in theaters since, marking that afternoon in the year 2000 as the beginning of a now twenty-years-running family ritual.

We discuss the appeal of ‘comfort food’ action movies, how this movie is like taking a time machine back to the year 2000 (oppressive beauty standards, unbearably awful popular music, pre-CGI special effects, a have-it-both-ways combination of simultaneous female empowerment and objectification), and just how goshdarn young Paul Walker and Michelle Rodriguez look.

The episode was filmed outside so there’s more than the usual amount of background noise – just pretend all the car noises are there on purpose to fit the subject of the episode and you should be fine.

“Family (obviously)” – The Fast and the Furious

Outro Music: Watch Your Back

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